Dance Improvisation Installation / DJ Nerd Cobain and DJ David Onufszak
Sa 15/02/2014
18:00 Uhr


Purely Physical

Dance Improvisation Installation // 20:30 Uhr

Anina von Molnar & Benedikt Gleißl

mit live musikalische Begleitung von Tom Simonetti (Electronica), Marius Müller (Hang)- „Hangonauten“ – , Antonia Meyer (Cello), Veronika Gerzer (Cello)

Purely Physical – dance improvisation series- is an ongoing project in continual development since November 2012. The work is based on improvisation conceived in the dance studio with no viewers present. One of us chooses the music spontaneously, the video recorder is turned on, and we go for about an hour non-stop. Each session is completely fresh. We come into the studio without any preconceived concept or vision, ready only to take the ride exploring mind, breath and emotional awareness in the body through dynamics, space, rhythm, and weight exchange. There

is an ever present attitude of expansive mind, inviting fluidity of the moment, ever changing.

Anina von Molnar

… im Anschluss Aftershow Party mit DJ Nerd Cobain and DJ David Onufszak